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National Association Project 2018 –2019
Safe Home, Safe Community
Safe Home, Safe Community, Wexford Soroptimists “Soroptimists in Wexford are leading a national project aimed at focusing attention on safety in the community.

The ‘Safe Home, Safe Community’ programme features soroptimist clubs from all over the country who are working at raising awareness of the damage done by domestic violence and of the healing that’s required for people who are subjected to it.

Three students from IT Carlow’s Wexford Campus were sponsored by the local organisation to attend a Safe Ireland, Safe World summit which was held in Dublin. Shirley Connolly, Angela Walsh and Sarah Newport are social care students with the college and they secured the sponsorship to attend the summit through a competittion organised by the local branch.

At this month’s meeting of the organisation the students presented a mini-summit which featured light, music, stories and quotations which they used to illustrate some of what they experienced at the event.

They highlighted aspects of what they learned at the Dublin event and plan to incorporate it into their future studies and careers.

The Soroptimists’ Wexford club will hold more events in the coming months.” (Anna Hayes, Wexford People)


SI Wexford, following proposals for a national project 2018 /2019, has been nominated by the National Association to undertake the lead in a national project titled ‘Safe Home Safe Community’.

All SI clubs countrywide are currently engaged in promoting this campaign to create a greater awareness of Domestic Violence in the home and an understanding of the reasons behind abuse. The aims of the project are to provide education in the community to raise awareness of domestic violence and to highlight how communities can support those suffering. Changes in attitude must come through education at grass root level and whole communities are needed to drive that change in culture and to transform the response to domestic violence.

All 18 SI clubs will work to achieve these aims through various activities including a number which are already
agreed –
  • Distribution of ‘Loves me / Loves me not’ bookmarks (with appropriate information and phone numbers) to public service areas, schools, clubs, hotels etc.

    Some clubs to sponsor key workers or students to attend a major educational conference Safe World Summit in Dublin in October 2018.

    Hosting of public educational meetings with appropriate speakers may be organised by some clubs

    It is the prerogative of each club to decide what type of activity is appropriate in their area.

SI clubs are already in close contact with local services for domestic abuse such as Women’s Refuges, Call Centres and Outreach services. Clubs assist locally with the specific needs of these organisations and it is hoped this liaison will be enhanced.

Each club will have responsibility to report their activities associated with this project to SI Wexford and the SIGBI Programme Action page. It is only by ‘doing’ and reporting that the impact of the success of this project can be measured. Please use ‘Safe Home Safe Community’ as the project title and list the project under Advocacy.

Please feel free to contact SI Wexford members for information or assistance.