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President Sarah's report on the North / South Conference:

Thursday 19th May, the final preparation day for that long awaited 50th Annual North South Conference had arrived.

Sitting at my breakfast table I pondered over the list of jobs to do, scolding myself for not having some of them already done, checking my e-mail, reading the last of the reports for the AGM while taking phone calls and answering e-mails to Soroptimists who are hoping that we can still find place for them at the conference. 

For so long we in SI Mullingar wondered who will come, how many will come, will enough come to make it a success – and now the worry is how can we accommodate everyone, are the registrations right as the numbers are getting higher and higher.   Soroptimists words still ring in my ears “Sarah the Delegates List has to be finalised now, it has to go to print… we have 38 clubs represented”.

Valyrie rings me to say the signs are up with blue and yellow balloons to show soroptimist the right exists to take on the roundabouts, surely no one can get lost.  Josephine rings to say we have another sponsor something else for the goody bags and Mary tells me the early golfers are checking into the hotel.  We are on the count down, one more sleep to go!

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