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See Solar Cook Solar 2013 - 2015

"Can you imagine finding time to earn your living if you had to spend hours every day collecting firewood?
How you would study with no electric light in the evening?

One quarter of the world’s population does not have reliable access to electricity; 70% of these are women and girls living in developing countries”

Ann Garvie, Soroptimist International President 2013 – 15.

See Solar, Cook Solar educated, empowered and enabled women and girls by providing solar lanterns and cookers to:

  • Enable study or work after dark.
  • Save time spent gathering fuel and associated risk of violence.
  • Provide opportunities for enterprise.
  • Reduce risk of burns and respiratory disease.

The appeal helped girls’ education charity Camfed distribute solar lanterns to girls in Zambia and support a Soroptimist programme to provide solar cookers to women in Fiji. (More...)