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National Project 2015 – 2017

“Women Sharing Learning”

There are two specific areas

    • Culture – Develop networks within the community for all cultures including our own.
    • Technology – Empower and enable members to use technology to a greater extent.
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2015 - 17 President's Appeal:

For the 2015 - 17 President's Appeal, the aim is to focus on helping to rebuild lives in Nepal whilst providing educational opportunities which may not have existed prior to the earthquakes of 2015.

Following disaster, the immediate needs are great and include water, shelter, healthcare and safety.

Women and girls have specific needs and of course these need to be addressed during the current relief phase.

However once we move into the rebuilding phase, it is vital to ensure that women and girls have access to the one thing we all agree can lift them out of poverty and transform their lives: Education. (More...)

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2013 - 15 President's Appeal:

"Can you imagine finding time to earn your living if you had to spend hours every day collecting firewood?
How you would study with no electric light in the evening?

One quarter of the world’s population does not have reliable access to electricity; 70% of these are women and girls living in developing countries”

Ann Garvie, Soroptimist International President 2013 – 15.

See Solar, Cook Solar educated, empowered and enabled women and girls by providing solar lanterns and cookers to:

  • Enable study or work after dark.
  • Save time spent gathering fuel and associated risk of violence.
  • Provide opportunities for enterprise.
  • Reduce risk of burns and respiratory disease.

The appeal helped girls’ education charity Camfed distribute solar lanterns to girls in Zambia and support a Soroptimist programme to provide solar cookers to women in Fiji. (More...)

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SIGBI Programme Award

Soroptimist ROI are proud and delighted to announce that they won the prize in the category “Food Security & Health” for their National Project on Positive Mental Health.

They shared the Overall Winners award in Programme Action with their  Sisters from India.

Congratulations to Sarah McCormack Soroptimists ROI National Project Co-ordinator, the National Office for Suicide Prevention HSE, Mental Heath Ireland, and all the organisations that participated, the communities that supported the project and especially the membership of Soroptimist International  throughout the country who educated themselves about the value of positive mental health and shared this learning with their communities.

Link to report from SIGBI Conference pdf icon

National Project Plan

You are not alone

National Project for 2011 – 2013 adopted.

Suicide Prevention and Positive Mental Health is the national project for 2011 – 2013. At the November, 2011 national council meeting there was a unanimous vote by the19 clubs present to adopt this project.  The project was proposed by S.I. Mullingar & District based on their current local project. President Sarah McCormack of that club and Catherine Brogan, HSE  Acting Director of the National Office for Suicide Prevention made the proposal presentation.

The project is a partnership project between Soroptimists Republic of Ireland, The Health Service Executive (HSE) and Mental Health Ireland.

The objectives of the project are:
To promote positive mental health with a particular focus on women and children and reduce the stigma associated with suicidal behaviour and emotional distress that exists among the general public. 

A key part to achieving this objective is to get appropriate information to the public. The Soroptimists will work with the HSE and Mental Health Associations and existing organisations in their area to assist their work in getting accurate information to the general public through:

  • The issue of the HSE/Mental Health information leaflets and
  • Organising events for the general public to attend where HSE approved personnel will  present on various mental health topics

Minister Kathleen Lynch acknowledges our National Project

When Minister Kathleen Lynch invited us to Leinster House recently we were delighted to accept.

The privileged Soroptimists representatives who met with Minister Lynch were National President Noreen, Sarah the National Project Co-ordinator, Barbara who was National President when the project started in 2011, Anne who supported the project during her presidency in 2012 , and Helen who is the current president of Mullingar and District, where the project initiated  in 2010. 

As we introduced ourselves to the Minister she was trilled to see us all wearing the Mental Health Green Ribbon. The Minister kindly indulged us in a few photographs which was great fun. A key point of interest for the Minister was the youth support card that we had developed during the project. The design of the picture for this card having come from a student in Loretto College Mullingar as part of an art competition captured the Ministers attention with its bright red colouring and a lovely caring embrace giving the message “You are Not Alone”.

The Minister invited us to her office where we were joined by a member of the Mental Health Unit in the Department of Health for a lengthy discussion about the work of the Soroptimist on the project over the last two years. The Minister was very interested in our partnership with the HSE and Mental Health Ireland and how we ensure consistent messages of hope to the community.

The Minister was delighted to hear of the many events we had held, the stories we had been told from people impacted by suicide and how people welcomed getting information leaflets from organisations like ourselves rather than having to visit Health Centres or GPs – we gave her the message that we had learned “ that people wanted information to be made more freely available like having the booklets and leaflets available in Post Offices, Banks, Shopping Centres etc”.

The Minister focused and reflected on how people like the simple but effective Mental Health Ireland booklet “Don’t let the Tensions get to you” and Ten Tips for Building Resilience for positive mental health.

This was truly a great acknowledgement of the work of Soroptimists.

Kathleen Lynch T.D.Minister Lynch met President Barbara and Sarah McCormack at the Caring for Carers weekend in Killarney and she wished the Soroptimists well in their new National Project. The Minister gave her full support, with that of the HSE, to the Project, understanding the damage done to families when a suicide occurs.

On Sept 25th 2013 the President and four members of SI Ennis presented a cheque for over €63.000 to CF Midwest at Limerick Regional Hospital.
These funds were raised as part of the 65Roses  National Project of 2009-11. The monies raised bought a specially designed exercise bike for CF patients along with a bronchoscope . The cheque was presented to Dr Brian Casserly, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine.

Ennis members with CF ExecutivesL to R :Deirdre O'Donnell President SI Ennis, Mary Stafford SI Ennis, Dr Casserly, Marcella Clancy Development Officer
CF Unit Limerick, Denise Crowley SI Ennis, Stasia Mc Dermott SI Ennis, and Clare Colleran Mc Kenry SI Ennis.
Ennis members with CF ExecutivesMembers of the Tipperary, Limerick and Clare( TLC) C.F Executive with Clare Colleran Mc Enery who instigated the project from SI Ennis and Dr Brian Casserly,Consultant in charge of the Mid West CF unit in Limerick.

65 Roses logoNATIONAL PROJECT 2009 - 2011

is how some children say Cystic Fibrosis because it is easier to pronounce.

Over the last few years the issues around CF in the Republic of Ireland, including serious lack of resources, has brought this very much to the fore. The 65Roses Soroptimist National Project involved the collaboration, from 2009-2011, of 20 Soroptimist Clubs in the Republic to fundraise and raise awareness in order to ameliorate the needs of people with Cystic Fibrosis.

The goal was to raise €100,000 over two years, 100% of all Club funds raised to be lodged through the SI ROI National Project Account – which is an independently Audited Account.

National Rehabilitation Hospital

2006-2009 National Project was the National Rehabilitation Centre. Link to National Rehabilitation Centre >>

Caring for Carers

Our previous national project which supported and raised funds for Caring for Carers, was hosted by Ennis & District Club. Link to Caring for Carers >>


Sierra Project

2007-2011 'Project SIerra: A Family and a Future' - partners with Hope and Homes for Children, a UK based charity, to strengthen broken communities and homes in Sierra Leone and educate women and children.

Survivors of War

2003-2007 'Project Independence: Women Survivors of War' - partnered with Women for Women International to support women to be self sufficient and active citizens. Link to Women for Women International >>

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